Fat Girl in a Strange Land (Anthology)


“This is for everyone who wanted a smart, determined female protagonist as teenagers.”
- Lillian Cohen-Moore (Full review)


In Print ($11.95) ISBN-13: 978-0615569710

Ebook ($4.99)

For every supermodel, there are thousands of women who have heard “Why don’t you just eat less?” far too often. Except as comic relief or the unattractive single BFF, those women’s stories are never told.

Crossed Genres Publications presents Fat Girl in a Strange Land, an anthology of fourteen stories of fat women protagonists traveling distant and undiscovered realms.

From Guatemala, where a woman dreams of becoming La Gorda, the first female luchador, before discovering a greater calling in “La Gorda and the City of Silver”; to the big city in the US, where superhero Flux refuses to don spandex in order to join her new team in “Nemesis”; to the remote planet Sidquiel in “Survivor”, where student Wen survives a crash landing, only to face death from the rising sun. Fat Girl in a Strange Land takes its characters – and its readers – places they’ve never been.

Sabrina Vourvoulias – “La Gorda and the City of Silver”
Lauren C. Teffeau – “The Tradeoff”
AJ Fitzwater – “Cartography, and the Death of Shoes”
Josh Roseman – “Survivor”
Brian Jungwiwattanaporn – “The Right Stuffed”
Katharine Elmer – “Tangwystl the Unwanted”
Bonnie Ferrante – “Flesh of My Flesh”
Rick Silva – “How Do You Want To Die?”
Nicole Prestin – “Nemesis”
Anna Dickinson – “Davy”
Jennifer Brozek – “Sharks & Seals”
Barbara Krasnoff – “Marilee and the SOB”
Anna Caro – “Blueprints”
Pete “Patch” Alberti – “Lift”

Cover art by Lili Ibrahim

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“…this is the second anthology I’ve read and reviewed from Crossed Genres Publications, and I’m happy to say that my esteem for them remains unchanged. They are publishing excellent collections of mostly strong stories, based around creative topics which I learn about and immediately want to read stories about. Two books later, I’m still of the opinion that I’d pick up any Crossed Genres anthology if I came across it.”
- The Future Fire (Full review)

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