Crossed Genres Quarterly 4

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Each month of Crossed Genres Magazine combines Science Fiction & Fantasy with a new theme. Quarterly 4 contains Issues 34 (Monsters), 35 (Dark Comedy) and 36 (Different), plus exclusive new content!


Issue 34: Monsters

  • “The Fire” by Timothy T. Murphy
  • “Inhuman Resources” by William Gerke
  • “Waiting in the Light in the Hungry Months” by Megan Engelhardt
  • “Skin and Scales” by Rachel Bender
  • “Monsters, Monsters Everywhere” by Carrie Cuinn
  • Exclusive Fiction – “Raw Materials” by Bernie Mojzes

Issue 35: Dark Comedy

  • “Jezebel’s Blouse” by Timothy T. Murphy
  • “Jason’s Shoes” by Richard Bist
  • “The Execution of Zacharius Grubb” by Bethan Claire Price
  • “Chasing Persephone” by Natalie Stachowski
  • “Worse Than a Devil” by Sarina Dorie

Issue 36: Different

  • “Black Betty” by Nisi Shawl
  • “Portrait of a Courtesan” by Megan Arkenberg
  • “The Last Recall” by Mason Ian Bundschuh
  • “Second Place” by Sarah A. Drew
  • “Zeppelin Follies” by Cat Rambo
  • “The Remote-Controlled Doggirl” by Lara Ek
  • “Beaumains” by Jo Thomas
  • Poem: “Stuck On a Boat With a Soccer Mom” by Helen Estrada
  • “Young Lions” by Zachary Jernigan
  • “My Other Half” by Maria Stanislav
  • Exclusive Fiction – “There Was a Little Girl” by Tom Howard