Crossed Genres Quarterly 3

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Each month of Crossed Genres Magazine combines Science Fiction & Fantasy with a new theme. Quarterly 2 contains Issues 31 (Heroes & Heroines), 32 (Sidekicks & Minions) and 33 (Villains), plus exclusive new content!


Issue 31: Heroes & Heroines

  • “Life Line” by Sandra M. Odell
  • “Trapped Inside of Good” by Adam King
  • “Kinetica” by Rachel Bender
  • “Yerushalom” by S. Ali
  • “The Foolish Samurai” by M. Shaw
  • Exclusive Fiction – “Bloody Hell” by Derek Ferreira

Issue 32: Sidekicks & Minions

  • “La Rosa Still in Bloom” by Beth Cato
  • “The Only Friend You Ever Need” by M. Shaw
  • “Sidewinder” by H.J. Hill
  • “The Arrangement” by Ross Willard
  • “Fealty” by Stoney M. Setzer
  • Exclusive Article – “Obstinately Galumphing, Reliably Ornery, Naturally Stupid – A Study in What Maketh the Minion” by Jacob Edwards

Issue 33: Villains

  • “The Fire in Your Sky” by Ibi Zoboi
  • “Baba Yaga Knows All, Sees All” by Sarah A. Drew
  • “Just Lucky, I Guess” by Tom Dillon
  • “Sing For Me” by Ben O’Neill
  • “Just Passing Through” by Stoney M. Setzer
  • Exclusive Fiction – “Life Two” by Marilou Goodwin


  • Cover Art – “The End of a Legend” by J. Edwin Stevens