Fat Girl in a Strange Land is released!

February 17, 2012

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Crossed Genres Publications is proud to release the anthology FAT GIRL IN A STRANGE LAND!

For every supermodel, there are thousands of women who have heard “Why don’t you justFat Girl in a Strange Land cover eat less?” far too often. Except as comic relief or the unattractive single BFF, those women’s stories are never told.

Crossed Genres Publications presents Fat Girl in a Strange Land, an anthology of fourteen stories of fat women protagonists traveling distant and undiscovered realms.

From Guatemala, where a woman dreams of becoming La Gorda, the first female luchador, before discovering a greater calling in “La Gorda and the City of Silver”; to the big city in the US, where superhero Flux refuses to don spandex in order to join her new team in “Nemesis”; to the remote planet Sidquiel in “Survivor”, where student Wen survives a crash landing, only to face death from the rising sun. Fat Girl in a Strange Land takes its characters – and its readers – places they’ve never been.


Fat Girl in a Strange Land is available in ebook and paperback from various places. Please pick up a copy & help us celebrate the release!

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