Crossed Genres Year Two is released!

December 7, 2010

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A labor conflict on a distant asteroid;
An environmental catastrophe unlike any other;
A most unusual dinner guest;
The irony of Luck.

Crossed Genres Year Two: Twelve stories selected from the 2nd year of Crossed Genres: the magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy with a twist!

  • Lunch Money by Kelly Jennings (Issue Thirteen: Action/Adventure)
  • The Vanishing Sea by Caleb Jordan Schulz (Issue Fourteen: Folklore)
  • The Seder Guest by Barbara Krasnoff (Issue Fifteen: Any Previous Genre)
  • Whirligig Fingers & Globular Thumbs by Polenth Blake (Issue Sixteen: Steampunk)
  • High School 3000 by Timothy Miller (Issue Seventeen: Antihero)
  • The Last Rickshaw by Stephanie Lai (Issue Eighteen: Eastern)
  • Conflicts by Timothy T. Murphy (Issue Nineteen: Gadgets & Artifacts)
  • Yelloween by Sam Cash (Issue Twenty: Lies)
  • Centzon Totochin by Cat Rambo (Issue Twenty One: Invasion)
  • Luck of the Harvest by Tom Barlow (Issue Twenty Two: Bildungsroman (Coming of Age))
  • The Mongrel Scholar by Ursula Wood (Issue Twenty Three: Dreams & Nightmares)
  • Flying With the Dead by Sabrina Vourvoulias (Issue Twenty Four: Characters of Color)

The cover art has been provided by the talented Brittany Jackson. Crossed Genres Year Two was edited by Kay T. Holt, Kelly Jennings and Bart R. Leib. Published by Crossed Genres.

Available Now!

In print: $9.99

Ebook (7-format bundle*): $3.99

* Zipped bundle contains 7 DRM-free formats: EPUB, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDB, PDF and PRC.

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