Crossed Genres Publications is a small press publisher of speculative fiction.

CGP is the publisher of Crossed Genres Magazine. The magazine was founded in September 2008; Issue #1 was released on December 1, 2008. Crossed Genres Magazine works a bit differently than most magazines. Every month, a new genre is chosen as the Current Genre; for that month, all Fiction and Cover Art submissions must combine that genre with some aspect of Science Fiction or Fantasy. The online magazine is free to read.

All submissions will be considered for publication in the magazine, which is published monthly online, and in print & ebook on a quarterly basis. The magazine also includes articles, artwork (both also accepted by submission) and interviews. If you want to submit a story, article or artwork, visit the submissions page for instructions.

In December 2010 Crossed Genres released its first novel, A Festival of Skeletons by New Zealand author RJ Astruc. CGP is currently serializing its 2nd novel, the tense & invigorating Broken Slate by Kelly Jennings; Broken Slate will be published in print and ebook in July 2011.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Bart R. Leib

is Co-publisher and founder of Crossed Genres Publications. He is Fiction Editor for the Science in My Fiction blog.

Bart’s fiction has been published in M-Brane SF Magazine and the anthology Beauty Has Her Way from Dark Quest Books (2011). His nonfiction has been published by Fantasy Magazine. He is a regular article contributor to Science in My Fiction.

Bart lives in Somerville, MA with his wife Kay and their son Bastian. When he’s not writing, editing or playing with his son, Bart is… sleeping. That’s all he has time for.


K.T. Holt

is Co-publisher and founder of Crossed Genres Publications. She lives in Somerville, MA with her husband Bart and their son Bastian.



Kelly Jennings

is assistant editor for Crossed Genres SF/F Magazine. She teaches writing and literature at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith, in Northwest Arkansas, where she lives in happy squalor with her husband Mark Burgh, her daughter Cooper, two yappy dogs, and far too many books. Her first novel, Broken Slate, was serialized by Crossed Genres Publications, and will be released in print & ebook in July 2011. A short story set in the same universe, Lunch Money, was published in Crossed Genres’ December 2009 issue.

Blog: http://delagar.blogspot.com
Email: drdelagar@gmail.com



Craig Allen

Craig Allen is a wanna be author who writes a lot, but has yet to find a way to make a living doing so. When he’s not laboring in his day job, he can be found either at his keyboard or in his shop where he attempts to create art using wood and other debris, usually found in places like Goodwill. He has a number of projects underway, and some might eventually be completed. Some probably won’t.


T.S. Brookhouse

TS Brookhouse is currently in exile in west-central Wisconsin. An accident of the eighties and hellion from her first breath, the Powers That Be introduced her early on to the one thing that would restrain her dangerous inclinations and idle hands: escapist fiction. Through books, she developed a moral foundation, and now generally uses her powers for good. Naturally, the written word became a channel for her creativity as well.

Between sparring with ninjas, tumultuous love affairs, mad adventures, and contriving horrific and implausible story ideas, TS assumes the role of a mild-mannered bodywork practitioner and freelance child-wrangler.

She very rarely lies.

You can find her short fiction at http://fragmentsfromthelabyrinth.wordpress.com/.


Butch Brookshier Jr.

There were only forty eight states when Butch Brookshier Jr. was born. He was a military brat up to the age of sixteen. He’s lived in such well known tourist draws as Tonopah, Nev. and Sembach, Germany. His main working life has been spent in differing positions in the auto parts aftermarket for over twenty years.

In addition to being an SF and occasional Fantasy reader, Butch is also a fan of the Mystery/Crime genre and True Crime focusing mostly on Serial Killers. The last gives his co-workers a bit of pause. Butch currently lives in the southeastern U.S.


Aleta Johansen

Aleta Johansen lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with her somewhat cranky cat, Ginger Snap. They share the cozy and cluttered upstairs apartment in a lovely old Victorian house. She is a Gemini and therefore argues with herself constantly. She floats and flows between the roles of Academic and Artist. She writes in order to find out what is around the next bend on the tangled, and always surprising, path of her life. Her short story In the Image and Likeness was published in issue 8 of Crossed Genres. You may follow some of her adventures on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AletaMay.


Dianne Nicholson

Dianne Nicholson is a Christian living in the UK, who feels that a really good coffee bar is an important factor for city living, particularly if they sell cheesecake. She’s an (almost) teetotal non-smoker with an addiction to fresh pineapple, science fiction and the theatre, and doesn’t plan on giving up any of those any time soon.

When she isn’t reading or writing fiction, Dianne spends much of her time dealing with the dreaded curse known as “Real Life”, spending time with family, and channel-hopping in search of innovative TV.

Crossed Genres is hosted by Svaha.


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